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I can get out of my car with ease because of the BodyBoard ~ Beth

I’ve been having private Da Vinci BodyBoard lessons with Lissy for the last 8 weeks or so, and boy have I seen results! First, I’m 60 years old... Read More


Yoga: Truths & Myths, by Lucy D'Aponte PT

The myths about yoga: You need to be flexible to do yoga. Yoga is a religion. Yoga is only for young, healthy and "hip" bodies. Read More


Very Cool Moves on the Da Vinci BodyBoard

The BodyBoard has made it's way to Europe. Check out these beautiful moves - you might find them in one of our classes. Remember...first class is FREE for new clients and we have a weekly Thursday 4:30 client appreciation class with Laura. Try it out today.


The Da Vinci BodyBord - Fit on Fox44

Fox44's Steve Glazier stopped by to see what the BodyBoard is all about.


Motion is Lotion, by Erin Ingram, SPT

What is the number one way to prevent injury? Keep moving! Sitting all day can lead to chronic tension, tight fascia, and repetitive-use injuries. How can you avoid such aches and pains? Take a break every 30 minutes throughout the day. As gravity pulls down on your head and neck... Read More


What goes up, must come down. By Suzy Shulman

I love the up. I live there, teach there, and practice there. I love it love it love it. “Up” allows me to be in the here and now, and yet not at all. I am completely focused on the up and not anything else. But here's the thing, what goes up must come down. Read More


Ture Healing is Inside of YOU, by Emelia Brogna

I have had many family and friends remark on how lucky I am to be able to "heal" people. I whole-heartedly agree about the first part; I am lucky! However, I am more reluctant to agree with the second part, and quickly point out that what I really do is help people heal themselves. Read More


One Month of Barre Classes, by Katrina Simeck

After my first class, I felt old, fat, awkward, inflexible, and out of place. I cried on the drive home. BUT. I also felt kind of awesome. The endorphin rush prompted me to sign up for the next 4 classes. They happened to be scheduled four days in a row. I decided that what didn't kill me would (potentially) literally make me stronger...and so I just went for it... Read More


TODAY “What’s Hot in Health” Da Vinci BodyBoard Segment

Posted by Laura on Dec 10, 2013 in All Wellness News | 0 comments


Rhabdo-my-whosie-whatie? By Emelia Brogna, DPT

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I had a former patient contact me recently to tell me about her new diagnosis of Rhabdomyolysis (a rare injury in which the muscles break down and overload the kidneys), which she developed after a particularly intense return to Crossfit following a 3 month break from training. 

This injury is becoming more common in people who have pushed their bodies to the limit during physical activity, referred to as “Exertional Rhabdomyolysis”. Athletes are particularly prone to this in hot, humid conditions, and during workouts heavy with eccentric (“negative”) activities, such as, pull-ups and push-ups.

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