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Fitness Classes


All of our group fitness classes are open to all levels without significant injury.  These classes are challenging, high energy, and will make you sweat!  Try classes with all different instructors to find the ones you love.


NEW! Da Vinci BodyBoard

Our newest class, the Da Vinci BodyBoard - a ground-breaking piece of fitness equipment is designed to give you superior cardio and strengthening benefits in just 30 minutes.  It features an opposing tension core workout system that forces your abs to act as the hinge between your upper and lower body.  Exercises are done on your back, standing, kneeling and dancing.  Watch a class on our BLOG.

BarSculpt is Pilates Evolved. The unique combination of high-energy cardio, strengthening and stretching results in a long, lean flexible body. Whether you are an avid runner, Pilates or Yoga practitioner or just looking for a way to get in shape, BarSculpt is an effective and safe workout.


Cardio Barre and Cardio Barre & Reformer Hybrid
An energetic class that combines the toning benefits of yoga, Pilates, and dance to strengthen and stretch. The class is done standing at ballet barres and uses props.  We also have a Cardio Barre & Reformer Hybrid class that combines 45 minues of cardio barre and 30 minutes of advanced Pilates Reformer work.  No dance or Reformer experience is required for either of these classes!
Pilates Mat
The foundation of all Pilates work is on the equipment (Reformer), but over time mat classes developed.  Mat classes are a series of fluid floor work exercises designed to develop a strong core and long, lean, muscles.
Strength & Balance
This challenging interval class is taught on the mat and thus requires more strength and balance. Class is never the same, creatively incorporating weights and floor exercises each week. There will be 45 minutes of exercises and 10 minutes of optional stretching.
Katonah Yoga
Katonah Yoga provides a clear yet powerful understanding of the mechanics of the body while encouraging increased awareness of the self. Once the basic posture is achieved, the form of the posture can then be deepened through study and through the work of the breath. Various props are used uniquely to support your body in the poses.
Restorative Yoga
Restorative Yoga is a quieting, supportive practice using well-placed blankets, bolsters, yoga straps, and chairs to safely guide the body and breath into relaxation and ease. It’s a yoga of un-doing the knots and non-doing. This practice awakens the deepest layer which is the body of bliss.  No drop-ins please; sign up is required!


Pilates Reformer Classes


This class uses a much loved piece of Pilates equipment, the Reformer, in combination with other props and Pilates mat exercises to create a complete workout that will challenge and invigorate your mind as well as your body.  


How do I know if the Pilates Reformer is right for me?

  • You are interested in finding both strength and ease in your body
  • You want to create a meaningful connection between body and mind
  • You have a curiosity about how you move
  • You want to pay attention to the details of each movement you do
  • You want to learn to move in your body with efficiency and ease


The primary intentions of our Pilates Reformer instructors are to help you develop a greater sense of joy and ease in your body; their secondary intentions are to help you strengthen, and improve flexibility, stamina, posture, and balance.


Please sign up for the class level appropriate for your body and level of experience.


Basic Pilates Reformer
All Levels Pilates Reformer
Intermediate Pilates Reformer
Advanced Pilates Reformer


Learn more about beginning Reformer classes.