Physical Therapy for Patients with Lyme Disease

There are many factors that increase cases of Lyme disease, however it seems that mice populations hold a key.  Vermont winters without long stretches of cold weather can also prevent the seasonal kill-off that is so important to decreasing tick populations. 

The best way to manage Lyme Disease is to prevent it. Take simple steps to protect yourself such as wearing long pants and long sleeved shirts, using insect repellent and doing thorough tick checks upon returning home. 

If you have been bitten by a tick, call your doctor immediately if you notice a red rash around the area of the bite (often in bulls eye form, but can be different) and leave the tick attached if your doctor can see you immediately. If not, remove and save the tick for testing by your doctor. 

If you have Lyme disease, physical therapy at All Wellness in Burlington, VT can help. Lyme often weakens soft tissues and attacks joints. Physical therapy can assist in decreasing pain, swelling and help you strengthen and protect vulnerable joints. 

Our physical therapist, Emelia Brogna DPT, has developed a customized protocol for patients with Lyme disease.  Schedule your initial consultation today.