What is Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy?

Are you, or someone you love suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, chronic pain or grief? Begin balancing your body, mind, and spirit with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.

What is Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy?

A Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session utilizes dialogue, yoga philosophy, movement and touch, to help you witness yourself in a non-judgmental and safe environment. This supportive environment allows you to find your inner wisdom and healing potential. 

Our physical therapist Lucy D’Aponte MSPT/CYT, is now offering Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy sessions to help her clients to heal from the inside out.  Read what others are saying about Yoga Therapy:

“When my body 'failed' me and I lost my pregnancy, I lost trust in my body and the Universe.  Yoga therapy reminded me what healing and self-compassion really meant.”               ~ Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy client

For more information or to schedule your first session contact Lucy@allwellnessvt.com.