From Our Physical Therapists: "My dogs are barking!"

Do your feet hurt?  Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the connective tissue that holds and forms the inner arches of your feet.  If you have pain in your heel or the arch of your foot when your first stand in the morning, or after walking or running, you might be suffering from plantar fasciitiis. 

Here are a few therapeutic tips that my help your foot pain:

Massage Your Feet

Sit in a comfortable position and use a tennis, racquetball, or spiky ball to massage the base of your foot. Use small forward/backward, zigzag, and circular motions. Pay attention to the areas that feel sore.  


Stretch Your Ankles and Toes

Ankle stretch: stand in a forward lunge position with one foot in front and one foot in back.  Bend the font knee and slightly lean forward while keeping the back heel glued to the floor.  Move in and out of the stretch. 

Toes:  stand in front of a wall and place your toes up against the wall.  Lean your body weight forward to deepen the stretch.  Move in and out of the stretch.

TOGA (Yoga for Your Toes, of Course!)

Sit in a comfortable position with one leg crossed on top of the other.  Thread the fingers of your opposite hand between your toes, working them to the base of your toes until you feel a stretch.  Once you have a good hold, stretch you toes back and forth, and in circles.

foot toga.jpg

If these tips do not reduce your pain, you may benefit from further evaluation by our physical therapist, Lucy D'Aponte.  You may require more support in your shoes, or have other issues in your ankles and legs.  Learn how to become a new patient today.