Why More Men Need to Add Pilates to Their Exercise Plan

You’ve probably heard that Pilates, like yoga, is great for men. Here’s why!

#1 We WANT more men around. It’s true! Not only is Pilates great for men (keep reading on for why), we get excited when a new guy walks through our doors - having guys in class challenges our skills and diversifies the studio. Ohh, and P.S. A Pilates studio is a great place to meet a lady if you’re looking 😜 Just sayin’...!

#2 Finally STOP NEGLECTING muscle groups that tend to be neglected when weight lifting. We’ll never tell anyone to stop lifting weights, but if you’re actually serious about conditioning your entire body you need to make sure you aren’t neglecting the supporting cast of smaller stabilizing and assistive muscles. Why? If these muscles are neglected you will develop muscle imbalances and be more susceptible to injuries. Pilates is purposeful in conditioning our large and small muscle groups.

#2A Just as a side note, these rules apply to Pilates teachers too. We can’t just do Pilates. We must also weight train and I encourage more of us to do it!

#3  FLEXIBILITY. Having strength demands an equal amount of flexibility and mobility. Strength, flexibility, mobility - we need all to perform our daily activities. Loose one and your life will be impacted. Pilates improves flexibility and mobility.

#4 The BODY AWARENESS you gain from learning Pilates will actually improve how you weight lift. I can’t tell you how many people we see lifting weights with bad form and lack of control. Pilates teaches you good body mechanic principles that can be applied to anything you do.

So, don’t be shy. We’d love to meet you and have you challenge US to a move you love to do in the gym!