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How to Correctly Perform a Plank

In this post, part of our Good Form/Not So Good Form series, you will learn how to correctly perform a plank as well as the reasons why it's so important to have excellent biomechanics when you exercise. 

Let's start with not so good plank...

Bad Good Plank (1).png

In this plank you'll notice a dropped head, pelvis not aligned with the neck, and arms forward of the shoulders.  Not only do the bones of body lack alignment, the body's energy in this plank feels like it's dropping to the floor!  That's going to work against you if you wan to hold plank for a period of time.

Now, on to good plank...

Bad Good Plank.png

What differences do you see?  The neck is long and in alignment with the shoulders and pelvis, and the arms are under the shoulder girdle.  This plank displays an upward momentum of energy - exactly what you need when doing this exercise! 

So, why does form matter? 
When the bones of your body are in alignment your muscles work efficiently and spontaneously.

Try this: while sitting, slouch your back and try to turn your head right and left.  Does the movement of your neck feel restricted?  Now, sit up straight (find your best posture) and turn your head side to side again.   It should feel unrestricted, natural and smooth.  Simply putting the bones of your neck and spine in alignment allow your muscles of your neck to work efficiently.

When you attend classes at All Wellness you get more than a workout - you get an education.  Learn excellent biomechanics and gain an increased awareness of your body that will bring more ease to your daily activities.  Join us today!