Fitness Classes

Our fitness classes offer our clients a wider range of workouts and levels of challenge.


NEW! Conditioning Lab

Conditioning Lab is a 50 minute energetic full body workout with owner, Laura Savard.  Each month the class will explore the use of a different piece of workout apparatus such as fitness balls, weights, resistance bands, yoga blocks, foam rollers, felt sliders and more.  The workout will pull from Laura's extensive knowledge of Pilates, functional strength training, joint mobility, and proper technique in all planes of motion.  Conditioning Lab is designed for those seeking a challenging physical experience who are also curious about biomechanics.

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Da Vinci BodyBoard™ Lite

The Da Vinci BodyBoard™ system focuses on the use of resistance bands set up from multiple anchor points (floor, ceiling, and wall) in our studio. The resistance bands are utilized during each exercise to increase intensity, challenge your balance and coordination, and improve your cardiovascular system. Our lite classes are enjoyed by those looking for a slower paced strength training class and is open to all ability levels.

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Mat Pilates (Gentle & All Levels)

Mat Pilates is done on the floor and works to strengthen the body uniformly, lengthen muscles, improve posture and joint mobility, and increase body awareness by teaching fundamental movement principles that can be applied to daily life. We incorporate foam rollers, exercise balls, the Pilates ring, and resistance bands to keep you physically challenged and mentally engaged.


Pilates Mat & Reformer

Experience the best of both worlds in this hybrid class - Pilates on the mat and Reformer (apparatus). This class offers a mindful flow of safe, supportive Pilates work in an environment of exploration and fun. Leave feeling challenged, refreshed and balanced.

Cardio Pilates Jump Board

Amp up your Pilates Reformer workout with the jump board. This prop attaches to the Reformer foot bar, allowing you to rebound off it. This class will build endurance and strength in the core, legs, glutes and arms bringing a low impact, high rep workout that will make you feel like you're flying!