Which Class is Right for me?


We're often asked for guidance on where to start at All Wellness. We base your starting point on your current physical condition - which is broadly categorized into 2 groups:


Group 1: Existing Injury

New clients with active injuries or chronic conditions that have not been previously treated will benefit from a physical therapy evaluation and at least one follow up session before joining a group class. 

Those with injuries or chronic conditions that have been previously treated but require movement modifications should begin with our Introductory Pilates Private sessions. 


Group 2: Injury Free

People looking for a safe, low impact form of exercise who do not have serious injury or chronic conditions will most enjoy our Pilates Reformer classes

If you're injury free, want a physical challenge and are ready to sweat, then our fitness classes are right for you!


Still aren't sure where you should start?  Contact us!